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Resolutions Anew

It's perfectly safe for all of us to admit that we sometimes fail to follow our New Year's resolutions. As I'd always say, acknowledging what went wrong is the first step to making things right. If we were to explore... Continue Reading →

Am I Bad If I Don’t Share My Chips?

I understand that many others have probably discussed this subject before, but hey, I don't know them and I haven't seen where they posted it. In any case, it might be good to create another venue to discuss this issue,... Continue Reading →

The Modern Gentleman (or Anyone, Really) Needs Three Things

Saying that certain mannerisms or actions make a gentleman is misleading and incomplete. If that were the case, then anyone who could dress well and act polite in front of others is a gentleman. And we know from real world... Continue Reading →

Is That Really What You Call A Gentleman?

Ask five different people anywhere in the Philippines what a gentleman is, and you'll get five relatively similar answers. It's a concept that's so hard-coded into our modern consciousness that there is very little of it that varies from person... Continue Reading →

Gentleman. Gentile-man.

Merriam-Webster defines gentility as “decorum of conduct”: specifically “a quietly appealing and polite quality or manner” in common usage, and “a quality of elegance and politeness” for those looking to learn the basics of the English language. Those definitions...

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